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UK PPI Claims

About Us

If you've taken out a loan, credit card or mortgage in the last 10 years, you may have been mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance policy. If this is the case, UK PPI Claims can help you claim compensation. We've recovered vast amounts of money so far and this is increasing day by day. Our Solicitors have the right expertise to deal with your claim fast and are a proven success in this area of law.

If you have been mis-sold PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) then you have come to the right people. Our goal is to help clients claim back every penny that has been charged in PPI Premiums (also known as Accident, Sickness and Unemployment insurance), plus interest that is due on that amount.

The mis-selling of PPI has become a prolonged scandal that has involved the scamming of thousands of people over a number of years. Dishonest financial advisers have taken advantage of their clients and for a long time were able to get away with it. Plus, banks have made huge profits by selling PPI, as only 10% of claims are ever paid out!

Many people have been sold PPI without even knowing about it, let alone agreeing to it. Others have been sold PPI because they are self-employed or have pre- existing medical conditions and want to protect their policies and their income. This may seem like it was a sensible idea and it should have been but it has turned out that for many, this PPI would not even cover these people if they did need to claim.

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  • Really happy I made contact using this site. I now have over £4000 in my bank to spend after claiming my fees back. - Ben Stanhope
    West Yorkshire
  • Get in quick as the time to claim might be running out, I had my claim settled within six weeks using PPI Claims Companies. - Susan Naylor

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Simply PPI

About Us

Simply PPI is dedicated to thinking smarter to provide financial solutions for our customers. We are specialists in reclaiming compensation for customers who have been mis-sold financial products including Payment Protection Insurance. Since launching our business in 2008, we have managed over £57million pounds in compensation payments for mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) and unfair bank and credit card charges, and we are currently receiving 1,000’s of claims per week.

For customers struggling with debt we offer unique solutions to help our customers to reduce their debts and get their finances back on track. Are you owed £3000? You may have heard in the news that several banks are putting mis-sold PPI claims on hold pending a number of test cases which are being heard in the Courts. Do not be deterred in making a claim as we are still processing PPI complaints. Do not delay!

Apply today and we will contact your bank on your behalf, should they reject your claim, we will still refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service and vigorously pursue your claim. Remember that 81% of PPI complaints referred to the Ombudsman are upheld in favour of the customer. Simply PPI ensures you get the PPI compensation, you are entitled to.

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PPI Claims Today

About Us

We are experts in dealing with Financial Related Claims and have a track record of recovering compensation of over £5,000.000. If you would like to start a claim, simply complete our online claim form and we will do the rest. We will review your details within one day and contact you to discuss your claim and obtain further details. We will then send you a claims pack in the post, and all you will need to do is complete and sign the paperwork and send this back to us.

Once you have received your claims pack in the post, simply complete it and return it to us to enable us to press ahead with your claim. A number of Payment Protection Insurance can usually be settled within 8 to 10 weeks although sometimes it may take longer than this, depending on the complexity of the claim and the initial response from your lender.

Once an offer of compensation is made, we check the offer to ensure that it is fair and in line with the premiums you have paid and then we inform you of the offer. If you accept the offer, you will then receive the compensation within 8 weeks, and if your policy is still running, it is cancelled, thus reducing your monthly repayments down substantially. Reclaiming mis sold PPI (payment protection insurance) does not affect your existing relationship with your lender and will not affect your credit rating in any way.

Why Choose Us? - Our PPI Claims service has a high success rate - No upfront fees or charges - Experienced Claims Handlers there to help and advise you - We cut through all the technical jargon - Regulated by the Ministry of Justice - We know and have the experience in dealing with PPI Claims

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Typical Claims Amounts

Source: Citizens Advice Bureau PPI Report Findings Sep 2005

  Loan Amount Typical Claim PREMIUM AS A % OF TOTAL LOAN
Unsecured personal loan £8,993 £2,217 25%
Unsecured personal loan £11,000 £5,133 47%
Hire purchase for car £5,059 £2,157 43%
Unsecured loan £5,600 £744 13%
Secured loan £25,000 £12,127 49%
Secured loan £35,000 £10,150 29%
Conditional sale for car £4,300 £2,394 56%

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